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A New Site

Yup, the old site was as ugly as sin and to find a blog entry you had to scroll through the feed or take your chances with the search option.

This new site is just as easy to maintain, has extensive search capabilities, and both orders and structures the entries. Not only does this make it easier for you to find stuff, it encourages you to browse around. It's not as ugly either.

Most of the articles allow you to join a discussion, and you can subscribe to the discussion to get notifications when someone adds to it. If you register on the site (top right of the page), you'll receive notifications when new entries are added.

In addition, the site is now GDPR compliant. You can check out the Cookie Policy and GDPR page to see how your privacy is protected.

As well as random things that spike my interest, this blog will also review novels by new and up-and-coming authors. If you're looking for a new author or something interesting to read, take a look.

I am an author myself, although I prefer to call myself a novelist. I am, as yet, unpublished, but I'm working my way towards that glorious day when that will change. I have chosen not to discuss my novels, although I sometimes drop hints about them. Why? There are two reasons:

  • If I keep talking about them, I lose interest in them.
  • If I tell everyone about the stories in any detail, they'll have no incentive to buy them later.

The first reason is the main one. Meanwhile, I am addressing all the little things that make my story-telling sub-par. When I finally toss my submissions at unsuspecting agents, I want them to be both impressed and amazed that such a talent was hiding out there. I may never reach that level, but you have to aim high, right? Otherwise, what's the point?

Anyway, here's the new site, I hope you enjoy it. I'll explore ways to make it prettier ;-)

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