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Coffee Table

1 scoop
1/2 scoop
1/4 scoop
Scoops Like Like (sortable) Name
5 Costa
5 Peabody (Löfburg)
4 Lazy Sunday
3 Columbian
4 Morning Ritual
3 S.O. Kenyan (Tesco Finest)
3 Taylors Rich Italian
4 Hot Java Lava
3 Sunset Hour
4 S.O. Kenyan (not Tesco)
5 Löfburg Brazil
5 Timana
4 After Dark
2 Grind House Blend
4 Columbian Co-op S.O. f/trade
4 Decaff Taylors
4 Decaff Costa
5 Flying Start
4 Lavazza for Amazonia
5 Machu Pichu
5 Sumatra Mandheling

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