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Orbital Calculator v2.x Release Notes

This lists the important notes on each new release, explaining what has changed and what's new.

See the Downloads page to download Orbital Calculator for various platforms. A full description of the product is available on the Orbital Calculator page.

2.0.8 (2890)

  1. Fixed error where numbers in exponent format (e.g. 3.34e-6) weren't properly translated
  2. Added Spherical Calculations to the Gravitational Masses menu

Spherical Calculations allow you to determine: radius, circumference, surface area and volume when all you know is just one of these.

2.0.7 (2888)

  1. added ability to get escape velocity in km/s, m/s and mile/s in the Gravitation and Motion screen

2.0.6 (2872)

  1. Added new 'Acceleration' menu
  2. Added ability to calculate any one of Distance, Speed or Time from the other two
  3. Added ability to calculate Free Fall characteristics (velocity, height) from host mass and duration of fall
  4. Added ability to calculate and/or convert constant acceleration parameters (initial velocity, final velocity, rate of acceleration, time and displacement)
  5. Added ability to calculate position of centre of gravity in an n-body system in 3D space
  6. Fixed issue where certain conversion functions didn't handle division by zero correctly
  7. Updated Lagrange Points help file with animation

2.0.5 (2843)

  1. Added ability to calculate Schwartzschild and Photon Sphere radii based on mass
  2. Added ability to calculate Synodic Period of two orbiting objects based on orbital distances and mass of central body
  3. Added ability to calculate Synodic Period of two orbiting objects based on their orbital periods

2.0.4 (2796)

  1. Added ability to calculate Hohmann transfer orbits
  2. Added ability to calculate distance between two stars based on stellar coordinates

2.0.3 (2638)

  1. increased precision and reliability of calculations in two-body orbits

2.0.2 (2634)

  1. fixed an error in the Satellite Footprint from Altitude computations
  2. Added Visibility Over Horizon to the Other menu, to determine the greatest distance at which an object is visible after taking into consideration the curvature of the planet, the elevation of the object and the height of the observer.
  3. Updated help files to reflect the above changes
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