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Orbital Calculator

Current Version

This is a portable application, meaning there is no installer. Just unzip into a folder and run the executable. Since it is portable, it can be run from a USB stick.

A full description and a list of the features are available here.
Release notes are available here.

Windows (w7 to w10) Checksum SHA256
32-bit 7100b32b917ea057832f912d08d7bff717e8bc550c4f5554f371f542b3dc26a5
64-bit a8fab11f43a755497b8ec034a40e4d8cdb2ea30d7c130c580f39c2f3022839fd
Apple Mac
There is a Mac version, but is untested. If you'd like to test it for me, drop me a message below
Raspberry PI/armv7l Checksum SHA256
armv7 e5d6063ca87d9da0f431e77c6e68f23816314c95e55ddf6ae24eeec8472b410d
To install a desktop icon and launcher, follow the instructions for Linux below
Note: this is now tested.
Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) Checksum SHA256
32-bit e98211ab06496a74d87566cf9fe1eded4fecc8acdf80d0acb1c4e5a6dc3702d5
64-bit 45507163908b575996dfbbbc24c9881961dfc19e290970530cd911d7d4e139b0

If you run the program in Gnome, there is a bug in Nautilus that prevents the program from running. You'll either have to run it from a terminal window or through a desktop icon. You can download this sample desktop file, which will need editing:

  • edit the Exec path to point to the application
  • edit the Path path to point to the same folder (this sets the working directory)
  • save the changes, then rename the file to orbitcalc.desktop
  • copy or move the file to /usr/share/applications
  • copy or move the image file earth128.png to /usr/share/icons

You should now be able to see the icon when you select the applications grid from the taskbar, and from there either launch it or add it to your favourites. Depending on your setup, you may have to log out and back in again to force the applications grid to refresh.

Older Versions

Format Windows (XP to w10)
32-bit Only runs in 32-bit mode

The v1.x series are much smaller and lighter on system resources, so may be a good choice if that's what you need. Note however, there are some known bugs in it (although they're subtle enough you probably won't notice them), and the functionality is limited.

Upgrading Orbital Calculator

Upgrading from v1 to v2

Unzip the new version into a new folder and run the program. In the Application menu, select Import Data and select your v1 database (orbit.dat).

Upgrading from v2 to a later version of v2

Simply unzip the latest version over the top of your current installation. Your data files and preferences will be retained.

Import Files

These files can be imported into Orbital Calculator

File Description Checksum SHA256
Exoplanets 669 Exoplanets from a NASA archive26c67d34b7b3ac0471686f5b2e5d448ba57290bf05bf725ed89f1362e0efcd92

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Feel free to leave comments and suggestions below.

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