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Colony Three Mars

Colony Three Mars by Gerald M. Kilby 4 Stars The third instalment in the saga is even messier (for the protagonists) than the previous two, ramping up the tension and the action, and making the solution even harder for the reader to predict. The cast of protagonists has grown a little, but that's fair because the cast of antagonists has too.

As with the previous two novels in the series, it's not really about where the story is going, it's about how it's getting there and what the solutions are (if any). Kilby's grasp of action is as deft as ever, keeping the pace up and the tension high. Gone is the traditional 'this side vs that side': Kilby has opted for a three-way muscle mash that quickly turns into a desperate fight for survival where brain can win over braun.

As before, I have to draw attention to the typography and other errors that should have been eliminated during editing, but it's still a strong enough story for me to forgive these little failings. Kilby really does know how to thread a good yarn. There are more instalments to this story - a trilogy in five (or more) parts - and I can't wait to read them.

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