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News June 26 '24

Thanks to the wonderful support people at GitHub, I have regained control of my old account at github/phil-ide. I also added a new repository - another plugin for dokuwiki.

Account Recovery

I've already forked the projects that were there and updated everywhere I could to point at the new repositories, so I'm not going to reverse that. I added a note to the old repositories to say people should follow the links to the new repositories, since future updates will occur there.

It was interesting to note though, that my old repos had been forked quite a bit, suggesting a fair bit of interest in those projects.

Dokuwiki Plugin

Dokuwiki is the wiki software that powers this site. It is very powerful and fast, and has hundreds of plugins provided by members of the community. I've already written a plugin for dokuwiki to track the number of downloads of zip files (and other compressed formats such as gzip and tarballs).

I use a plugin called IndexMenu, which provides the treeview menu in the sidebar. Unfortunately, since the wiki upgrade to Kaos, the treeview doesn't always get updated to show new pages when they are added. The cheap and nasty way to force a refresh is to invalidate the cache. To be fair, this may not be an issue with the treeview plugin but one of my hosting service - I have other issues such as 404 errors when saving pages. Go figure.

I took an existing plugin called toucher that had gone stale and officially designated as dead, corrected a long-standing bug it had, then tweaked it so it invalidates the cache whenever I add a new page (or update one). I've uploaded the plugin to the plugin exchange so now everyone can use it.

This marks my 10th GitHub project

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