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I'm a novelist and have an interest in space science and physics. I've been a programmer for more than 30 years and I like reviewing new and up-and-coming authors.
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OpenSim 01 Megalomania

Megalomania is a rough thing to have. Only one person in the world is going to rule it, and you've got some tough competition. So, why not cheat and make your own world, and keep everyone out until you're ready? Mwahaha!

Enter OpenSimulator (not to be confused with OpenSim which is a medical simulator). OpenSimulator is server software for creating single or multiple regions, entire grids, and being able to connect your region(s) either to become part of someone else's grid or link to the hypergrid. All that needs a bit of explaining, so here goes. If it gets too mumbo-jumboish for you, just jump to the next section.

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· 2024/01/14 22:31 · Phil Ide

Perseverance Rover

Last Updated: 2:30:03 Tue Apr 30, 2024

Mars Chart 13 (MC13), Syrtis Major, with Isidis Planitia (Isidis Basin) to the east. Jezero Crater is in the North-East of Syrtis Major, the North-West of Isidis, and has a large mountain on it's Eastern crater wall.

The Perseverance Rover, M20, is navigating its way around Jezero Crater, which is located on the flanks of Syrtis Major and to the North-West of the Isidis Basin. Jezero is easily identified the large mountain on it's Eastern crater wall.

To put things in perspective, Syrtis Major is a volcanic mountain, made from black volcanic basalt, covering over a million square kilometres and easily seen from Earth. In fact it's large, black mass was the first topological feature identified on Mars. Jezero Crater once contained a lake, with water inflowing from the North-West, and outflowing through a breach in the East-South-East. Where that water went may be the subject of future missions.

Perseverance has been examining the crater floor, testing its equipment, and is currently en-route to the silt fan, left by the water flowing into crater.

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Insight Lander

This page is updated as new data is detected. InSight is no longer transmitting weather data. See InSight's Final Selfie

Last update: 14:02 Sun. Jul 17th, 2022 BST

If the image doesn't display, please wait. The NASA websites sometimes get busy.

Explanation of the Wind Speed Chart
Wind speed is shown in meters per second, as measured by the pair of TWINS booms. The barbs extending from each wind speed data point indicate the compass direction of the wind (e.g., a wind blowing from the north will have a barb straight up above the point; a wind blowing from the west will have a barb off to the left). Full and half flags extending from the barbs indicate the wind speed, with each half flag representing approximately 2.5 meters per second. A circle in place of a barb indicates a wind speed less than 2.5 meters per second.

Full details can be seen at
Images Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/CAB

:!: Note: There is a discrepancy between the summary data and the charts provided by NASA (good on you if you spotted this - if not, go hunt the thimble!). I've notified them and hopefully they'll do something about it.

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· 2022/09/11 10:34 · Phil Ide

Coffee Blog: 2022-08-14 Upgrade

There is a coffee roasting machine called the Aillio Bullet. You have to read its specs hear the hype to see what it is capable of, and at £3,250 it appears to be worth it. However, it doesn't have a flu or chimney, just a vent, so all the steam and oil it releases just fill up the kitchen. Hopefully they'll see the short-sightedness of this. Not all of us have garages, basements or cellars.

It does though, have one intriguing piece of technology tucked into it's sleek features, that got me rather excited.

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· 2022/08/14 11:54 · Phil Ide

Coffee Blog: 2022-07-31

Yesterday, I roasted Profile I, which I'd come up with after sampling Profile H. I did two loads, each of 200g.

Profile I
Load 200g End (mins)
Pre-heat 200°C
Stage 1 (to yellow) Drying 200°C 6:00
Stage 2 (to 1st crack) Caramelising 250°C 10:30
Stage 3 Development 240°C 16:30
Ambient Temp 25.8°C
RH 49%
Coffee Columbian - El Carmen

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· 2022/07/31 09:15 · Phil Ide

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