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          • Colony One Marsplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigColony One Mars

            [Colony One Mars] [4.5 stars]

            Colony One Mars promises to be a fast-paced sci-fi thriller, and it certainly delivers. The prologue is short and sweet, and although it doesn't offer any story information that isn't in the story proper, it does set up the atmosphere for what is to follow. The tension ramps up very quickly and most unexpectedly, and everything changes before we've had a chance to grab our breath.
          • Colony Two Marsplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigColony Two Mars

            [Colony Two Mars] [4 Stars] Colony Two Mars picks up the story a few years after the preceding story, Colony One Mars left off. I really enjoyed the first instalment in this trilogy, but this is a much better, much stronger story. As the overarching story of the trilogy begins to emerge, Kilby's eye for a good story starts to pay dividends.
          • Colony Three Marsplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigColony Three Mars

            [Colony Three Mars by Gerald M. Kilby] [4 Stars] The third instalment in the saga is even messier (for the protagonists) than the previous two, ramping up the tension and the action, and making the solution even harder for the reader to predict. The cast of protagonists has grown a little, but that's fair because the cast of antagonists has too.
          • Gerald M. Kilbyplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigGerald M. Kilby

            Colony One Mars

            Colony Two Mars

            Colony Three Mars
        • Science Fiction Double Featureplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigScience Fiction Double Feature

          [Science Fiction Double Feature ]

          This pair of novellas comes courtesy of Zombie Pirate Publishing, and indeed the stories themselves come from the publishing house's founders and resident editors, Sam M. Phillips (Into the Eye) and Adam Bennett (Phosphorus).

          Since they come as a pair it is necessary of me to review each in turn before giving an overall impression, and I've chosen the order they appear between the covers.
        • Sci-Fiplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigSci-Fi

          Listing by Author:

          Andrew Bannister

          Chris Morton

          Science Fiction Double Feature

          Gerald M. Kilby
      • Book Reviewsplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigBook Reviews

        Here you can find all the book reviews, broken down by genre, and further subdivided by author. If you want me to review your novel, please read my Rules on Reviewing.

        * Science-Fiction * Fantasy * Non-Fiction
    • Blogplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigBlog

      This is my blog. It is an eclectic mix of book reviews by new and up-and-coming authors, articles, science news, random topic monologues and stuff about my software. Sometimes I talk about my fiction writing too.


      Aardvaark (articles with nowhere else to go)
  • startplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigI'm a novelist and have an interest in space science and physics. I've been a programmer for more than 30 years and I like reviewing new and up-and-coming authors.

    If you want me to review your novel, please look at my Rules on Reviewing page.

    Please consider registering (see top of page) to help support this site. Your personal data isn't shared with anyone, but it makes me feel good.
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  • ISSplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigInternational Space Station

    This page has a portal through which you can view the current location of the International Space Station, updating in real-time. The tracker itself comes from the European Space Agency (ESA).

    There is also a handy link to get email notifications direct from NASA when the ISS is visible in your night sky.
  • Mars Weatherplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMars Weather

    Weather Reports Insight Lander Perseverance Rover Curiosity data to come [Current positions of Earth and Mars] Image courtesy of and © Dominic Ford

    This image is updated once per week. A daily update is available on the Mars Solar Conjunctions page when such events are active.

    You can check the position of Mars vs the Sun and Earth for any date here:
  • Downloadsplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigDownloads

    Orbital Calculator Current Version This is a portable application, meaning there is no installer. Just unzip into a folder and run the executable. Since it is portable, it can be run from a USB stick.

    A full description and a list of the features are available
  • Orbital Calculatorplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigOrbital Calculator

    I needed to calculate orbital characteristics for any orbit around any gravitational mass (because I write sci-fi stories), so I wrote this program because I'm a programmer and I'm too lazy to do it by hand all the time. The program has expanded over the last few years, sometimes from suggestions by other writers. I make it freely available and as simple to use as possible. It now has a list of functions as long as your arm (assuming you're not a tentacle user), and the numbe…
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    The Cookie policy is straightforward. This site only uses cookies that are required to make your experience of using this site better, and only uses session cookies (see exceptions below). Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.
  • Book Reviewsplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigBook Reviews

    Here you can find all the book reviews, broken down by genre, and further subdivided by author. If you want me to review your novel, please read my Rules on Reviewing.

    * Science-Fiction * Fantasy * Non-Fiction
  • Contactplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigContact

    If you have a burning desire to contact me, use the discussion form below. Anything you say remains private between you and me.